Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dear Buddy

Hi; it's been awhile since we talked, hasn't it? And yes, it HAS been seven years since we took that picture in our dinky little rental. I had a lot more hair, and less wrinkles then.
You've probably been watching in shock all the horrible things that are going on in this world. I bet that makes you in some part glad that you're above all this now, that you are in a better place though I bet you miss your sweetheart and family terribly too.
I miss our chats. After all, it's been almost two years since we last met, and you left us. Much has changed- our Alli is now a big sister (and a handful). We have a 4 month old- Ava. So, our household has been somewhat of a zoo. Kris and I are constantly exhausted. But blissfully so.
However, being parents to two precious little princesses, I can't held but worry about the world they'll grow up in. You'd think that man's nature is one of good- that we don't take pleasure in intentionally hurting, torturing or killing someone else. But with the recent worldwide events- here, in the Middle East, or elsewhere, it's hard to say now. It's especially tragic when deaths are senselessly caused by another human, while on the other hand people like you actually fought and lost your battles with an illness. It's as though it's not the safe, innocent world we grew up in anymore.
So much suffering.
Anyway, it's been awhile and I missed talking to my buddy. I know we still meet in my dreams, but you know it's different. Well, till the next time, Merry Christmas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are indeed one true buddy of TS! You must have missed him terribly....May his soul rest in peace and you are right, TS is in a much better place..paradise!!

12:28 AM  
Anonymous ABTC said...

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4:03 AM  
Blogger must make it said...

I am suprised to be coming across this post. 6 years ago, I emailed Dr Tung about going to the States to train. He was very kind to answer my questions and I always wandered what happened to him after that. It is very sad to hear what happened to him. I hope he rests in peace.

1:55 AM  

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