Friday, July 05, 2013

My daughter says the darnest things!

  • Daddy, don't drive so fast! (But I was going 62 mph in a 65 zone!)
  • Daddy, I ate my booger (said loudly, while we were in an airplane)
  • Poopy, please come out (while sitting on the toilet, apparently constipated)
  • Bye, poopy (2 minutes later as she flushes the toilet)
  • Mommy doesn't need to go to the gym. What about daddy? Daddy go- daddy fat!
  • My butt chow-chow (I had to teach her some Hokkien, right?)
  • Daddy, can I have some salty juice? (that's what she calls soda. And no, we don't usually let her drink that)
  • Daddy, I need some PRIVACY (while she's sitting on the toilet. I guess it's ALREADY begun)
It's unreal how fast they grow, and how quickly they pick words up. And then you realize you have to be a lot more careful with YOUR words in front of them.


Anonymous mayan said...

too cute!

2:03 AM  
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